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Thu, 1st December 2016, 9:17pm (Tue, 12th January 2016, 9:17pm UTC-7776)

Thank you very much for a splendid evening last Friday. This was the first "special interest" Lodge I have been to and it is great to see the combination of "new traditions" (cap-wearing, Candidate with his pending-Degree number on the back, etc) and good not-overly-serious banter being present.
I do hope that you all enjoyed your visit to Unity Hall; judging by the number of cans and bottles in the recycling bags I think you did!

Worshipful Master Lodge of Unity 132

Mon, 13th October 2014, 9:14pm

I welcome you all to Rugby Bastion Lodge Website

You can find all of the information that you require here.

Including Minutes, Summons, Photos of events and other details that you may require.

I hope you find it useful and enjoy what you see.

If you wish to see anything else on it that is not currently available please let me know.

W. Bro. Rohan Goodall